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Union Special

BaOx Improved x Sweet Relief

Expect these seeds to produce both CBG and CBD. Dense buds give off smells ranging from sweet berry to earthy notes of black pepper and garlic. Expect to have CBD:CBG across the board. This is a fun one for those that are not concerned with CBD or CBG dominance but want a nice jar appeal and a grab bag of cannabinoids. Homogenized together, plants from this seed lot have a lower total THC due to the CBG dominance in the mother.
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Union Special (BaOx Improved x Sweet Relief)

Union Special is a true F1 hybrid. These plants will demonstrate hybrid vigor but there will be some phenotypic variation across a crop. The parent varieties are described below:

“BaOx Improved” – CBD dominant photoperiodic variety with a bushy growth habit, heavy yields and a sweet pungent terpene profile. 

“Sweet Relief” – CBG dominant photoperiodic variety with a bushy growth habit, dense flowers and a black pepper, earthy and garlic terpene profile. We chose this selection to cross with our BaOx because of its CBG dominance and strong bag appeal.

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