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Triangle Hemp is a hemp genetics company providing farmers with rigorously tested seeds, seedlings, and clones, as well as expert consulting and innovative cannabis industry products.

Feminized Seeds

We offer a full range of feminized seed to growers across the country including Puerto Rico.  We offer full-term CBD and CBG, early and late flowering, and autoflower varieties. All of our seed is produced in-house.

Sweet Relief CBG Hemp seeds and seedlings by Triangle Hemp

Sweet Relief

CBG Dominant

Blackberry Punch Auto

CBD Autoflower

BaOx Improved

CBD Dominant

Feminized seeds give our customers the ability to purchase and plant at any point in the year. Seeds will keep in a refrigerator for at least a year, where at that point the germination rate will slowly start to decrease. Our seeds are bred from the best performing varieties in our variety trials. Since 2017 we have continued to source new varieties from across the USA. A select few of these varieties pass our initial testing based on uniformity, cannabinoid and terpene levels, growth habit, as well as pest and disease resistance. Those that are selected enter our breeding program. From initial selection, to breeding and production, our methods are meticulously carried out by our team of career growers and scientists at our greenhouse facility in Durham, North Carolina.

We started our feminized seed program in 2018 after having many conversations with growers who were disappointed or even outright ripped off by faceless feminized seed brokers and resellers. They were looking to capitalize on the get rich quick hype that was pervasive in the hemp industry in 2018 and 2019.

At that point we had built our reputation on offering one variety of clones to farmers across the southeastern US. Our clones came to be known as some of the highest quality and most uniform available anywhere in the southeast. We apply the same attention to quality to our feminized seeds. We stand behind our seeds proudly, just as we have our clones. We are thankful to be in the hemp industry, and have built our business on honesty and integrity, backed by impeccable customer service.


We have provided top quality clones since 2018 to growers across the Eastern half of the country. For 2021 we are offering 3 varieties. Learn more about our 2021 clone varieties.

Supreme Density

CBD Dominant

Heavy Diesel

CBD Dominant


CBD Dominant

Our clones offer growers 100% female plants. They are genetically identical due to our single phenotype mother stock selection process. Our company’s reputation has been built on offering some of the highest quality and most uniform clones available anywhere in the country. 

You can count on our team of greenhouse production and plant science experts to provide you plants that are ready to go to work in your grow room, greenhouse or field.


Grown to order by a team with generational experience, shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

For larger growers planting between the months of May through July, our feminized seedlings offer value and convenience, without sacrificing quality. We offer the same varieties in ready to plant seedlings as we do in feminized seeds. 

These seedlings come in 128 count trays, greenhouse propagated at our 350,000 sq ft partner facility by a team with decades of experience in plug production.  

For the ultimate in convenience, we can deliver quantity orders of seedlings directly to you, anywhere in the country.

Sweet Relief

CBG Dominant

BaOx Improved

CBD Dominant

STS Spray

Feminized Seed Spray

Formulated fresh to order, with the exact protocol we use for our own seed production runs.

Over the past 3 years we have worked on perfecting the feminized seed production process. After many trials we have come across a protocol and solution strength that works most consistently. The most commonly talked about spray solutions are Colloidal Silver (CS) and Silver Thiosulfate (STS). We have tried both and have found that STS is most effective and yields ~99.9% feminized seed. 

In our lab, we have conducted trials for a wide range of strengths, application timings and protocols. We have found that negative effects can occur if any one of these factors are not in line.  

We lay out step by step how to create feminized pollen from female plants that ultimately will make feminized seed. Whether you want to make pollen from just one plant or an entire greenhouse, we have you covered.


Are you looking to be involved in the hemp industry? Or maybe you are having pest and disease issues in your grow facility or greenhouse? Have you paid money to a “Master Grower” only to be disappointed by their services? Our experience and knowledge will save your business time and money!

Matt and Chase built their first grow room in 2006, and have been involved in every aspect of indoor and greenhouse cultivation since. If you are interested in consulting, fill out our form and we will be in touch to set up a free 20 minute phone call so that we can learn more about your goals in the hemp industry. 

If our services seem like a good fit, then we draft a proposal for you to consider. We offer consulting either at an hourly rate, or for a flat fee that covers a specific scope of work, depending on what makes sense for your goals. 

Areas of expertise:

  • Hemp Cultivation Start to Finish
  • Indoor Grow Design
  • Greenhouse Design
  • Environmental Controls
  • Cloning 
  • Mother Stock Maintenance
  • Seed Propagation
  • Soil and Containers
  • Fertility and Irrigation
  • Pest and Disease
  • Growing Systems 
  • Lighting
  • Harvesting, Trimming, Drying, Curing
  • Training and SOP manuals
  • Hydroponics

“Excellent genetics and great flower material! Chase and Matt set the standard for consulting and service.”

— Brandon Rowan

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