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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our seeds are feminized. Our science team has spent years developing protocols using Silver Thiosulfate (STS) that consistently produce 99.9% female plants in our seed batches. We use qPCR testing to confirm our male:female ratio for every seed batch we produce. Click here to purchase Feminized seeds.

The germination rate of every batch of seed we produce is third party tested by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture Seed Lab. The rate is usually around 95% and we always ship extra seed to make sure you get the number of plants that you paid for.

Yes absolutely. North Carolina has been testing Total THC since 2017 and our variety has consistently passed the pre-harvest THC compliance testing. The timing of this test is important and should be done around week 3 or 4 of flowering. We have been growing hemp since 2017 and have seen and personally grown over 50 high-CBD varieties. Every single one of those varieties has the potential to go hot towards the end of flowering. If someone tells you otherwise there is a good chance they are lying to you. Trust us, we have purchased said seeds each year to try and find the golden goose that tests under .3 total THC at maturity but every one has been a lie. We will not sink to those levels. The only plants that we have found to test under .3 at full maturity are CBG dominant varieties. Click here to check out our CBD and CBG Selections.

Great question. Read our blog post that breaks down this question in full detail.

We sell seeds year round. Seedlings are available only during the months of May through July.

We have been involved with NCSU variety trials since 2018 as well as conducted our own trials in our greenhouses. We have a comprehensive understanding of what’s available on the market. We only release varieties after extensive testing to make sure we have some of the best performing varieties on the market.

In 2018, our BaOx won 1st place for highest CBD content in the Selectors Cup. In 2019, The head agronomist with Pyxus who oversaw 1,000 acres of production spread out across multiple states said our BaOx was the best performing by all metrics. Currently, North Carolina does not even test BaOx in most instances because it has so consistently passed THC compliance testing.  

Yes we do! Check our our Growing Guide and Germination Guide. And be sure to signup for our email newsletters using the form in our footer below, where we share information every month. If you are interested in more assistance, check out our consulting services.

We accept all major credit cards through our online store. To pay using a check or cash, please fill out our inquiry form and one of our sales staff will reach out to you.

We have sold plants to states ranging from California to North Dakota to Florida to Maine and even Puerto Rico. When plants are grown well we see very little difference in yield, cannabinoid content, or pest and disease prevalence. Check out the pictures on our website to see pictures of satisfied growers across the country.

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