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Seeds or Seedlings

A question we get asked all the time is “what is best option and how do I choose?” 

There are price differences to consider. Some people say one is better than another. So let us break it down for you because there are things to consider with each. No matter which option you choose, vetting your plant or seed provider is the first step.  

Seeds (Feminized vs. Non-feminized)

Non FeminizedWhen we first entered the hemp industry we started with normal non-feminized seeds. There was a large amount of variability, and they were all around inconsistent and unreliable. In addition to this, approximately 50% of these seeds were male. Seeds like this should not be used for large acreage because dealing with so many males is inefficient and a waste of space, time, and energy.

FeminizedMany farmers planted feminized seed in 2019 only to find that the seed either was not actually feminized or had high rates of hermaphroditism. Known as a “herm,” these plants display both female and male plant parts.

Properly produced feminized seed is tested for germination rate and male/female ratio. Making sure you know and trust the people who produced and are selling the seed is very important. 

Farmers can save money by sprouting their own seed in a greenhouse, however there are still risks involved as those plants need about 3-4 weeks in a greenhouse before they are moved outside. We have provided a germination guide on our website which should help you be successful. 

All of our feminized seed was created from clonal stock of single genotype selections hand picked due to their cannabinoid content, terpene profile and yield.

Triangle Hemp’s BaOx Improved has gone through all the necessary steps to be QA Certified by the North Carolina Crop Improvement Association (NCCIA) for germination rate, purity, and uniformity. The federal seed certifying body however have not yet released guidelines that will allow the NCCIA to certify. Throughout the seed production process, numerous regular inspections were performed by the NCCIA to ensure there were no off-types or genetic inconsistency. 


If you do not have a greenhouse or suitable indoor space where you can create starter plants or would just feel more comfortable letting us get your plants ready for you, we are here for you. We will germinate our feminized seeds for you and get them ready to move into the field. Upon pick up or delivery you will receive field ready, fully-hardened off plants. 

The advantages of letting us germinate your seeds instead doing them yourself is really just peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about caring for the plants in their most vulnerable state.

In Conclusion

Feminized seeds have come a long way and breeding techniques have improved exponentially over the last few years. For most people, feminized seed is the way to go as it is extremely cost effective, the plants are extremely vigorous and the number of males is manageable. Even planting across many acres, pulling a few males here and there does not outweigh the cost savings that comes along with feminized seed. All that being said, some growers still want the peace of mind that comes with seedlings and are willing to pay the additional cost. There are not any wrong decisions here. The most important consideration is who is providing the genetics you will be planting and have they done the due diligence necessary to put great quality plants in your grow spaces.

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