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We sell high quality hemp seeds and transplants. Our genetics are rigorously tested and feminized, offering industry-leading uniformity in your fields.
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Our Signature Variety

Triangle Hemp's BaOx

We provide our specific genotype of BaOx in the form of feminized seed and transplants to farmers. Our plants are ideal for growing High-CBD hemp to be sold as biomass or smokable flower.

All of our customers receive industry leading uniformity, high CBD levels, and our Root Bound Free guarantee. That's 150 Transplant Customers in 10 States on 500+ acres since 2017.

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Our Successful Farmers

Leading the way in hemp genetics.

Industry Leading Uniformity
High CBD Levels
Our Root-bound Free Guarantee
Dean Brooks - Goldston, North Carolina - 3 acres
Jason Clary - Rawlings, Virginia - 10 acres
Luke Weavil - Kernersville, North Carolina - 5 acres
Cannabased Wellness - Maine - 1 Acre
Martha Calderon - Vale, North Carolina - 6 Acres
Tommy Dalrymple - Broadway, North Carolina - 8 acres
About Triangle Hemp

Our expertise is growing plants.

We spent years in commercial greenhouse production, gaining experience and knowledge.

We apply proven horticultural techniques in our hemp nursery to ensure consistency and reliability.

Learn about hemp.

Hemp is a non-psychoactive variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is typically grown for three main reasons: seed, fiber, and floral parts. Learn more about the plant, CBD, THC, and growing hemp in the United States.

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