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We sell high quality hemp seeds and transplants. Our varieties are rigorously bred, feminized and tested, so that you can grow cannabinoid and terpene rich flowers that are aromatic and beautiful.
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Triangle Hemp's Varieties

We provide feminized seed and transplants to growers across the country. Our plants are ideal for growing High-CBD or High-CBG hemp to be sold as biomass or smokable flower. To date, over 300 farmers across 17 states on over 1000 acres have planted Triangle Hemp’s genetics. This is our passion and we take great pride in our work.

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Our Successful Farmers

Leading the way in hemp genetics.

Dean Brooks - Goldston, North Carolina - 3 acres
Jason Clary - Rawlings, Virginia - 10 acres
Luke Weavil - Kernersville, North Carolina - 5 acres
Cannabased Wellness - Maine - 1 Acre
Martha Calderon - Vale, North Carolina - 6 Acres
Tommy Dalrymple - Broadway, North Carolina - 8 acres
About Triangle Hemp

Our expertise is growing plants.

We have spent years in commercial plant production, gaining experience and knowledge.

We help people grow cannabis by producing feminized seed and transplants for indoor, greenhouse, and field production.

Learn about hemp.

Hemp is a low-THC variety of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is typically grown for three main reasons: flower, grain, and fiber. Learn more about the plant, CBD, THC, and growing hemp in the United States.

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