Frequently Asked Questions

Are your seeds feminized?
Yes, our seeds are feminized. Through our meticulous and specific feminization process, we are able to achieve 100% genetically female plants. Industry leading rates at which pollen sacs appear is 1 plant in every 4000 plants. Our genetic testing and grow out trials show that these seeds should follow this industry leading rate.
"I got burned and lied to by my feminized seed provider last year. Why should I trust you?"
Since 2017 when we received our hemp permit, we have taken every step possible to ensure we were selling products that we can be proud of. We never rush to market because we are in this industry for the long haul. We care deeply about the success of our customers and how we treat them. We would not be selling something if we did not feel we could stand behind it 100%. Check out our suite of third party testing along with pictures of our grow out trial to see for yourself.
What is your germination rate?
Our germination rate was third party tested by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and was reported to be 94%. We always add 10-15% more seeds than ordered to ensure you get at least the number you paid for.
Will one plant with some pollen sacs on it ruin my crop?
The pollen sacs, if any, that you might find will not be as prolific as a true male plant and thus will not release as much pollen. This will not ruin your crop. Your plants that happen to get pollinated will still produce CBD. If you are growing for smokable flower, you should try hard to catch any pollen sacs to avoid any seed in your flower. When you notice white pistils forming on the plants (flower initiation), you need to then begin to look for pollen sacs. There is no need to constantly walk your fields looking for pollen sacs early in the season.
Can your variety pass .3% Total THC tests?
Yes absolutely. North Carolina has been testing Total THC since 2017 and our variety has consistently passed the pre-harvest THC compliance testing. The timing of this test is important and should be done around week 3 or 4 of flowering.
What are your prices and what is the minimum order?
For pricing and order minimums, visit our Purchase Page.
How do I decide between seeds, seedlings or clones?
Great question. Read our blog post that breaks down this question in full detail.
Can you ship seeds/seedlings/clones?
Yes, priority shipping for seeds is included with every purchase. Shipping options for seedlings/clones are also available. Fill out our purchase inquiry form to get more details.
Why do you only sell one variety?
We have been a part of variety trials with 40+ varieties and ours has come out on top time and time again. In 2018, our BaOx won 1st place for highest CBD content in the Selectors Cup. In 2019, The head agronomist with Pyxus who oversaw 1,000 acres of production spread out across multiple states said our BaOx was the best performing by all metrics. Currently, North Carolina does not even test BaOx in most instances because it has so consistently passed THC compliance testing. So we said to ourselves: how can we promote or sell any of these other varieties if we know that this one is the best performer?
Do you give any advice related to germinating my seed, plant spacing, weed control, or methods of growing?
Yes we do! Check out our Growing Guide and Germination Guide. And be sure to signup for our email newsletters using the form in our footer below, where we share information every month.
How do I pay for my order?
We accept credit card, ACH transfer, or good old fashioned checks.
What is the CBD content in your BaOx?
See our COAs. Top flower testing, while it can show large numbers like 23% CBDa, is not representative of biomass CBD numbers. If your top flowers test at 23% CBD you should expect closer to 15% in your biomass.
Do I have to sell my biomass back to Triangle Hemp or will you help me sell my biomass?
No you do not have to sell your biomass back to us. We try and connect farmers to buyers whenever the opportunity is there but we do not put out contracts ourselves. We encourage all farmers to try and have backup plans just in case your buyer falls through at the end of the year.
I live in Texas, Washington, Maine, Alabama, etc… will your seeds work here?
We have sold plants to 10 states ranging from North Dakota to Alabama to Maine and we saw very little difference in yield, CBD, or pest and disease prevalence. Check out the pictures on our website to see pictures from some of the farms.
What is the USDA Interim Final Rule vs. 2014 Pilot Program?
We wrote a blog all about it! Click here to read it.

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