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We love growing plants

Triangle Hemp was created to serve the growing number of farmers planting High-CBD Hemp. We researched, tested, and chose the best hemp variety that stands up to the various regions and microclimates in and around the Carolinas.

We work with farmers to provide rooted female cuttings from our genetic bank to make sure they start the season with healthy and strong plants. Our expertise in organic crop production allows us to eliminate all harsh pesticides and fungicides from our production while remaining pest and disease free.

Matt Spitzer of Triangle Hemp in Raleigh Durham NC inspecting his high-CBD cannabis hemp
Photo: Remedy Review
Hemp field in NC using clones from Triangle Hemp

We are a hemp nursery growing the highest quality, field-ready starter plants

All of our cultivars are hand selected from seed and go through rigorous testing. We test for susceptibility to pest and disease, growth habit, vigor, strength of branching, harvest weight potential, terpene profile—and of course CBD and THC content.

In 2018, we provided healthy female cuttings to 70 farm partners who planted more than 200 acres of production. In 2019, our capacity will double.

Become a Cultivation Partner
Triangle Hemp high-CBD clone ready to sell to licensed hemp farmers in NC, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina
Healthy CBD cannabis plant grown by Triangle Hemp nursery in Durham NC
Triangle Hemp greenhouse exterior located in Durham NC

Our Facilities

We are on a 6 acre site in Durham, North Carolina. We have 2 greenhouses totaling 10,000 square feet of growing space. Our hemp nursery provides healthy female cuttings to farmers up and down the East Coast—including North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky.

Triangle Hemp greenhouse interior farm equipment Raleigh-Durham NC
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Hemp greenhouse photo

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Collection of hemp clones

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Female cad hemp plant

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Cultivation Experts Matt Spitzer & Chase Werner

Matt and Chase graduated from North Carolina State University with degrees in Business and Horticulture. In 2013, these entrepreneurial colleagues started Endless Sun Farms — a commercial greenhouse production growing hydroponic vegetables. Their experience in plant health, organic pest management, and controlled environment agriculture with Endless Sun laid the foundation for Triangle Hemp.

“We’ve been watching the conversation around low THC cannabis for quite some time. We’ve seen its medicinal benefits and how much people are truly helped by it. Growing high-CBD hemp is the perfect match of our growing experience and our passion for helping people.” - Matt

Matt Spitzer headshot 2018 Triangle Hemp

Matt Spitzer

  • Raleigh, NC native
  • NCSU horticulture classes sparked interest in plants and farming
  • Speaker at the Carolina Hemp Festival
  • Speaker on 2 hemp panels hosted by NC Cooperative Extension
  • Advisory Council Member with Raleigh City Farm

Chase Werner

  • Raleigh, NC native
  • Building and maintaining Controlled Environment Agriculture systems since 2006
  • Speaker on 2 hemp panels hosted by NC Cooperative Extension
  • Incubator farmer with Inter-Faith Food Shuttle
  • Advisory Council Member with Raleigh City Farm
Chase Werner headshot 2018 Triangle Hemp


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