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We worked with more than 70 farmers along the East Coast and sold more than 200k+ in reliable clones in 2018. In 2019, we provided 270 acres of plants to 90 farmers across 10 states. We understand the challenges farmers face growing hemp. Our Cultivation Partners can contact our team anytime for knowledge and advice.

Award winning field ready starter clones of high CBD hemp cannabis plants grown by Triangle Hemp

What We're Selling

Triangle Hemp BaOx Clones

All of our mother stock came from a single seed which means there is no variability in size, vigor, growth habit or CBD/THC levels. After testing many varieties since 2017 we have chosen to market only a specific genotype of BaOx for 2019. In 2018, not one of our 70 growers failed their THC compliance testing. With zero “hot” tests last year, our farmers are planting Triangle Hemp BaOx in their fields with confidence.

We provide our partners with guidance on:

  • Plant spacing
  • Fertilizer
  • Irrigation
  • Weed control
  • Pest and Disease control
  • Harvesting
  • Drying and storing
  • Getting tested by the Department of Agriculture
  • Selling flower
  • Growth laws and regulations
  • Getting license to grow
Up close image high-CBD hemp cannabis
Dean Brooks - Goldston, North Carolina - 3 acres
Jason Clary - Rawlings, Virginia - 10 acres
Luke Weavil - Kernersville, North Carolina - 5 acres
Cannabased Wellness - Maine - 1 Acre
Martha Calderon - Vale, North Carolina - 6 Acres
Tommy Dalrymple - Broadway, North Carolina - 8 acres

Hear from our farmers

Richard T Chatham IV
Best genetics on the East Coast. The support they provide goes beyond the exchange of plants, and into the field.
— Richard Chatham IV, Venture Yadkin Valley
I purchased 6,000 clones this year. Their BaOx variety grew into beautiful plants and the evenness of their clones far surpassed any of the other 7 varieties I tried from other suppliers.
—  Luke Weavil, Weavil Farms
Sam Crews headshot
Triangle Hemp grows quality clones. They’re field ready and uniform. I will purchase plants again next year.
— Sam Crews, Crews Farm
Sam Crews headshot
Hands down best genetics out there. We just had the pleasure of running your hemp, and all I can say is wow.
— Adam Stockman, Sugarleaf Labs
Seventh Zen
Triangle Hemp is the clear regional leader for sourcing clones and the results in the field back it up. After just six weeks our plants are over two and a half feet tall! Their team is in  partnership through the season, checking on us and sharing knowledge and experience.
— Charles Dietzel, Seventh Zen
We purchased 1,000 BaOx clones this growing season. We received quality plants that have absolutely thrived.
— Amanda Hedrick, Southern Pharm
Excellent genetics and great flower material! Chase and Matt set the standard for consulting and service.
— Brandon Rowan, Commonwealth Hemp

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